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Several times during this crossing of the gorge Tarzan

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'It is not that,' said Arthur, turning gratefully to his father. 'I should be glad to give up the army and live at home--there is nothing I should like better; but the point is, that I must know what Violet thinks of it.'

Several times during this crossing of the gorge Tarzan

'Right! Of course, she must be consulted,' said Lord Martindale.

Several times during this crossing of the gorge Tarzan

'You see,' said Arthur, speaking fast, as if conscious that he appeared ungracious, 'it seems hard that she should have no house of her own, to receive her family in. I had promised she should have her sisters with her this winter, and I do not quite like to ask her to give it up.'

Several times during this crossing of the gorge Tarzan

'When the house is finished, and we have room,' began Lady Martindale, 'the Miss Mosses shall be most welcome.'

'Thank you, thank you,' repeated Arthur. 'But besides, I do not know how she will feel about the children. If we are to be here, it must be on condition that she has the entire management of them to herself.'

'Certainly,' again said his father. She has them in excellent training, and it would be entirely contrary to my principles to interfere.'

'Then, you see how it is,' said Arthur. 'I am quite willing. I know it is what I do not deserve, and I am more obliged than I can say; but all must depend upon Violet.'

He was going in quest of her, when the Rickworth carriage stopped at the gate and prevented him. Poor Lady Martindale, when she had sent her note of invitation to Lady Elizabeth and Emma to spend a long day at Brogden, she little imagined how long the day would be to her suspense. She could not even talk it over with any one but John, and he did not feel secure of Violet's willingness. He said that, at one time, she had been very shy and uncomfortable at Martindale, and that he feared there was reason in what Arthur said about the children. He suspected that Arthur thought that she would not like the scheme, and supposed that he knew best.