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great gryfs, lured by his voice, followed beneath. His

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'I was thinking,' said Lady Martindale, with the slowness of one little wont to originate a scheme, 'how pleasant it would be, if we could keep Arthur and Violet always with us. I cannot bear to part with the dear children, and I am sure they will all be ill again if they go back to London.'

great gryfs, lured by his voice, followed beneath. His

'To live with us! exclaimed John. 'Really, mother, you have found the best plan of all. Nothing could be better!'

great gryfs, lured by his voice, followed beneath. His

'Do you think your father would approve?' said Lady Martindale, eagerly.

great gryfs, lured by his voice, followed beneath. His

'Let us propose it to him,' said John, and without further delay he begged him to join the conference. The plan was so excellent that it only seemed strange that it had occurred to no one before, combining the advantages of giving Arthur's health a better chance; of country air for the children, and of economy. Lord Martindale looked very well pleased, though still a little doubtful, as he pondered, whether there might not be some unseen objection, and to give himself time to think, repeated, in answer to their solicitations, that it was a most important step.

'For instance,' said he, as if glad to have recollected one argument on the side of caution, 'you see, if they live here, we are in a manner treating Johnnie as the acknowledged heir.'

'Exactly so,' replied John; 'and it will be the better for him, and for the people. For my part--'

They were interrupted by Arthur's walking in from the garden. Lady Martindale, too eager to heed that her lord would fain not broach the question till his deliberations were mature, rose up at once, exclaiming, 'Arthur my dear, I am glad you are come. We wish, when Theodora leaves us, that you and your dear wife and children should come and live at home always with us. Will you, my dear?' Arthur looked from one to the other in amaze.

'It is a subject for consideration,' began Lord Martindale. 'I would not act hastily, without knowing the sentiments of all concerned.'